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The FWA :: Beautiful Sites + Wallpaper

The FWA (Favorite Website Awards) has been one of my favorite places to find what’s new and exciting in the world of web design. Specifically, what’s innovative in Flash sites, where the limits of what’s possible on the web are consistently being pushed.

The site itself is a beautiful example of good organization. You can search sites by 32 different categories (fashion, design studios, experimental, automotive, etc.) or by type (Site of the Day, Month, or Year).

Not only that, but they have some beautiful wallpapers that they ask people to do. So if you’re looking to spruce up your desk top, check it out.

Hopelessly Addicted to TED Talks

TED | Talks

I recently stumbled upon the newly published, highly addictive TED Talks and I’m on a quest to absorb as much information from these talks as my feeble brain will take.Most of the talks/performances are fascinating and for a list of my favorites check out my TED Profile on the beautiful and highly functional TED Site, which was designed by Method. I’ll try to put some thoughts down on my favorite presentations.